About Sounds • Pictures • Words

< him >Sounds • Pictures • Words is essentially a repository for my increasingly unwieldy and disparate collection of photographs, illustrations, drawings, music compositions, writings and more, gathered together in one place, largely for my own convenience.

I think of it as a library, rather than a showcase. In days gone by, it would have been – and at one point actually was – a shoebox.

So, if you’ve arrived here, either deliberately or by chance, and find any of the content edifying, entertaining, educational or even life-enhancing, then all the better.

In which case, please drop me a line, ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘comment’, ‘follow me’ and if you really insist, then consider a small donation to help keep things ticking over. For which I would be most grateful, of course.

And in case you were wondering about the meaning of the site’s subtitle, ‘the other side of here‘, it’s really whatever you want it to mean.

To me, it sounds like a place where unconventional and irreverent views thrive and accepted wisdom is questioned – a parallel universe, perhaps, or somewhere that exists only in the mind. And so it seemed like a good metaphor for my particular ‘take’ on life, as expressed here in Sounds • Pictures • Words.

And if that doesn’t get me a spot in Pseud’s Corner I don’t know what will. I generally don’t take myself as seriously as that paragraph might suggest.

Anyway, wherever it is, I like the sound of it and will go there one day. And in a sense I already have, as I used The Other Side Of Here as the title for one of the pieces of music on the Straight From The Source 2 album a few years ago – you can listen to the track and download it here.

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39 thoughts on “About Sounds • Pictures • Words

  1. Hey Greg, just chiming in on a misty Sunday morn here in Holland. Still a great blog you have here. Keep up the good work. All the best from Paul.

  2. Hi Greg!
    I do admire your photography work and follow your blog quite often.
    Reading your biography and discover you are more than a photographer. That´s great!!

    • Hi, thanks for dropping in and also for your kind comments, glad you like the photos and other stuff!

      More than a ‘photographer’… well, I don’t really consider myself as one, really – more of a ‘camera owner’! I think of the various things I do just as different tools for expressing myself, whether that’s in music, writing, drawing… or even just making bread!

      I’d followed your blog earlier so I look forward to having a browse around soon – could do with a few more hours in the day!

      Thanks again and see you here soon! G

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